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Prole is a print magazine that publishes high quality, accessible poetry and prose. We aim to challenge, engage and entertain - but never exclude.



Six distinct and different voices go together to make Caboodle: six short poetry collections gathered in one volume. Each stands in its own right, each with something to say. Some whisper, some sing, some shout – but they all come together to challenge, engage and entertain. Karina Vidler, Gill McEvoy, Russell Jones, Kate Garrett, Angela Croft and Rafael Miguel Montes have created a powerful body of work for both avid
and occasional readers of great poetry.


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Now available: issue 15 of Prole - containing a fantastic collection of fiction and poetry. Again, we're amazed and very grateful for the fabulous contributions from our writers and photographer. This issue contains the winners of the Prolitzer Prize for Prose Writing, 2014.

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If ordering a subscription, issues 16 and 17 are due out in April and August 2015.


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The Prolitzer Prize for Prose Writing, 2014 has now been judged. The results can be found on our competition page. Crackers, every one!



Museum Pieces, Wendy Pratt

ISBN: 978-0-9569469-9-7


Museum Pieces is the first full collection of poetry from Scarborough born Wendy Pratt (her debut pamphlet Nan Hardwicke Turns Into A Hare, also published by Prolebooks, was favourably reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement as one of the best pamphlets of 2011). In taking a tour through the rooms in Wendy Pratt's museum (from The Portrait Gallery to The Surrealist's Wardrobe) the reader will encounter themes of love, loss, time and recurrence, all written in a startlingly original voice.


In her foreword, Abegail Morley says:
Wendy Pratt has a diverse range of poems in this collection and what draws them together is a combination of loss, stunning imagery (which is at times breath-taking) and the sense that ghosts of the past always rear up, refuse to be forgotten. For me, the beauty lies not just in the words and stunning last lines, but also in the way Pratt shows each part of the book as a “room” and each poem an “exhibit”. I was compelled to follow as she guided me with ease into her private landscape….
…At the heart of the collection, she offers grace and pain in equal measures – the reader never feels overwhelmed or overburdened, the poet has total control. We linger somewhere between darkness and light, slightly troubled, but in the hands of a skilful poet whose voice is strong, crisp and lucid.


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Prolebooks have published other great pamphlets by Wendy, Sue Millard, Robert Nisbet, Michael Crowley and a short collection by Idris Caffrey. Click here to find out more on the purchase page.




We are proud that here at Prole we are able to pay our contributors a small royalty. Many thanks to those who support us by making a purchase, and of course, to our wonderful writers and artists. You all help to make Prole a success. We do not receive funding, nor do we seek it. We rely on the quality of contributions and the generosity of our buyers. In hard times such as these, we realise that Prole is a luxury purchase - but clearly worth it.


What people are saying about Prole

The Crack, March 2012: 'A riveting read.'

Neon Literary Magazine, February 2011.

...(a) subtly hard-hitting collection...

There is much to be admired in the editorial of this collection: these pieces are woven together with an expert flair...

This collection as a whole--at times tragic, harrowing, moving and uplifting--holds within it many little treasures of new writing, and is combined with a care and sensitivity to make it an undoubtedly enthralling read.

New Pages, August 2010: 'This journal is nothing if not challenging and engaging...artful story telling, skilful weaving, compact wording; no literary tricks, twists, surprise endings or jolts to deliver one deep into their vast little worlds...excellent pieces of creative nonfiction. [Of the poetry] ...there is much to be admired.'

The Crack, July 2010: ''s great to see a quality new publication giving a platform to new writers...and the standard is...excellent.'


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